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Course Layout


The first hole is a medium length hole with out of bounds left. With a good tee shot a short iron to the green is likely but beware of the fairway bunkers on both sides of the fairway. This hole is a potential birdie or par hole to get your round started on the right foot.


The 2nd hole is a short par three. A good tee shot will put you in great shape to birdie or par the hole, but watch out for this severely sloped green with multiple tiers. The correct speed with the putter is essential to avoid a bogey or worse.


This is one of the longer par fours at Oakmont Green. There is trouble with out of bounds and trees down the left side. A long tee shot down the middle and an accurate middle to long iron is required to par this hole.


The 4th hole is a par five which is reachable in 2 by the long hitters. Beware of out of bounds left and a stream running across the hole which could prove difficult when laying up for a third shot into this well bunkered green.


The 5th hole gives you a bit of break after 2 long difficult holes on number 3 and 4. A solid tee shot in the fairway will set you up for a short approach shot with a realistic opportunity for par or better. Watch out for the large fairway and greenside bunkers on the left though or bogey or worse could be the result.


This par 3 is well guarded in the front by 2 well placed bunkers ready to collect any ball hit short. The right side of the green is particularly well guarded by a large mound just past the right hand bunker. Negotiating these obstacles will provide you with a good scoring opportunity.


The 7th hole appears to be a tame Par 4, however a tee shot missing this fairway can be difficult to recover from. There is a large fairway bunker on the right which needs to be avoided in order to register a good score. The large, undulating green is well protected by 2 large landscaped areas about 100 yards from the green which is also protected by a well positioned greenside bunker.


The 8th hole is the number 1 Handicap hole and also the longest. The tee shot and second shot must favor the right side of this hole. Anything to the left is trouble. There is also a pond guarding the green which will come into play on approach shots and layups. Par is a good score on this hole.


The 9th hole is the longest par 4 on the course. A big drive and a long iron are required to reach this hole in regulation. A tee shot in the fairway is critical with the driving range on the left and lots of trouble on the right. Par is a good score on this hole.


The 10th hole is a short to medium par 5. This green is reachable in 2 by the big hitters. A definite scoring hole but watch out for the deep tree line down the right which has eaten lots of golf balls.


The par 3 11th hole plays longer than the posted yardage because of a severely elevated green. There is out of bounds left and a steep slope to the right of the green. The greenside bunker is considerably below the surface of the green. Par is a good score on this challenging hole.


The 12th hole requires a short to medium length tee shot. Hit it too far and the water comes into play due to a sharp drop off before a large water pond. There’s out of bounds left and behind the green. This is a hole that requires precise shots from tee to green.


The 13th hole is one of the more difficult par 4’s at Oakmont Green. The left side of the hole is thickly treed which will cost you a drop and penalty stroke. The tee shot must be long enough to see around the trees on the left but not so far as to go through the fairway and have your approach shot blocked by another set of trees. A par is a good score on this hole.


The 14th hole is the easiest par 4 on the course, but watch out for out of bounds to the tree lined right and over the green for approach shots. There is a fairway bunker that bisects the hole about 50 yards short of the green. A good tee shot will come up short of this bunker or clear it.


The 15th hole is a pretty but hazardous par 3. There is a large water hazard to carry with your tee shot and the 2 greenside bunkers can be trouble also.


The 16th hole is a straightaway par 4. It is important that your tee shot not go left. A water hazard runs the entire length of the hole on the left. A well placed tee shot avoiding this water hazard should set you up for a short iron approach shot.


The 17th hole is one of the shorter par 4’s on the course providing a good scoring opportunity. However, avoid the trees on the right or a big score could be the result. The green is also well guarded by 2 greenside bunkers and long over the green is Out of Bounds.


Hole 18 is the second hardest hole on the course. The hole is heavily treed on both sides. A straight tee shot is critical to setup for a good layup or for going for the green in 2. There is also a large water hazard on the right which can come into play if you’re not careful.


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